The Beginning

Paradise Valley, Arizona
In 2015, I met my soulmate and life partner in Paradise Valley, Arizona…a Midwesterner with a kind heart and a positive outlook on life, who enjoys fine wine, good food, exercise and travel.  He is a master chef, an outdoors man, a health fanatic, and a handyman. He possesses a great sense of style and design and can turn a dilapidated hovel into a Zen infused sanctuary. So, you can imagine why he struggles each day in his home office preparing and editing Excel spreadsheets filled with medical supply pricing and participating in grueling conference calls to discuss ways to make the hospital supply chain more cost effective.  Along a similar line, my job is sedentary and involves long hours in front of a computer drafting and editing documents. Needless to say, we were always looking around the corner for our next big adventure.  Whether to fill a void, escape the mundane, feel alive or just to mix things up a bit…it didn’t matter. It just needed to be different, exciting and fulfilling.

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