Visas Issued, Loan Approved and Dog Microchipped…


Much to our relief, our visas came back yesterday affixed to our passports and ready for use! Our French loan is being processed to fund a portion of the purchase price, our account is set up with OFX (formerly US Forex) to handle the down payment transfer and our island dingo, Rex, has been microchipped and vaccinated. We need to take him back no more than 10 days prior to our arrival in Guadeloupe for a health clearance certificate, which gets overnighted to New Mexico for a USDA stamp before being returned, and he should be good to go. Our container gets delivered in a few weeks and we will have 2 hours to fill it before it is loaded onto a freighter bound for the French Antilles and my husband continues with weekly French lessons. So much left to do but we keep plugging away.

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