La Tramontane…the home that drew us to this island.


La Tramontane, which means a northern wind, is the name given to the home built by Louis and Odette.   At the entrance of the “domaine” is a hand painted sign by a French artist bearing the name. The land is an acre of lush tropical gardens and meandering paths lined with volcanic rock.  The terrain is bordered on the south by a river with large trees where giant iguanas live and to the east are magnificent views of the Caribbean Sea and the islands of Montserrat and Antigua. The property, with its Caribbean-Creole style house and feng shui landscaping, was more beautiful than any other we saw on the several islands we visited during our initial investigative trip. We couldn’t have been more fortunate as our new home and the island of Basse-Terre, Guadeloupe ended up exceeding all of our expectations in every way imaginable.



View from Terrace
Terrace dining area
The terrace wraps around the entire house.
Master bedroom
mosquito net
2nd bedroom

On the property are mango, papaya, lime, breadfruit, coconut, jackfruit, banana and calabash trees.  Pineapple plants are scattered around and wild flowering plants and bushes attract many hummingbirds.  The home is really coming together for us despite the limited resources available and we  are now waiting on a third bid to install a pool, cabana and deck.




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