Leaving the Hurricanes for the Haboobs – Our Return to the Desert for the Summer

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We are state side for the summer at our place in Arizona and are happy to indulge in pleasures not available on the island.  Prime filet mignon and king salmon on the BBQ have been staples, as well as red wine that isn’t spoiled from sitting outside on a dock in the Caribbean heat before making it to the local grocer.

Since I blew up the inside of my formerly fine Italian espresso machine, I drive through Starbucks every day for a dopio macchiato.  And, the refrigerator is stocked with Diet Coke since only Coke Light and Coke Zero are available in Gwada.

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High speed internet, dishwashers and washing machines that complete their cycles in only 30 minutes (as opposed to 2 hours), television and radio in English, central air conditioning blowing cold air in every room, and frequent trips to Home Depot are also on the short list.  And…possibly the most fabulous extravagance of all…Amazon Prime free same day delivery! Something arrives almost daily…even Paola and Bruno have boxes arriving for us to bring back.


But, all is not delight and merriment in the desert.  We also have to deal with our typical summer inconveniences, such as scorpions in the house (we wear flip flops at night), pigeons roosting in the patio rafters, rattlesnakes and coyotes roaming the neighborhood, black widows living under the patio chairs, slime mold growing in the lawn, flash floods, monsoon storms that blow off parts of trees and haboobs that deposit sand and dust everywhere…not to mention sweltering heat exceeding 118 °F (48 °C).  You can fry an egg on our sidewalk.

This little guy was on our kitchen floor.

FullSizeRender (3)
Yep…that’s slime mold (aka dog vomit fungus) growing in the yard. Nice.

One of our summer haboobs in the Valley of the Sun…no joke…you need to run for cover.  (Photo courtesy of the Associated Press)
Brynn has been busy babysitting the office puppy and serving as a camp counselor with her friend, Kori, at Spanish immersion day camp.  She also went to sleepover camp  up north and is off to Alaska this week.

As for things we miss about the island while in the U.S.…our friends, the ocean, Villa La Tramontane, French bread and pastries, fresh fish and our pets (Rex and Roux).  Marie-Paul and Pascal, who live downstairs on the property, are keeping watch of the animals and house and are also helping to finish up the pool. The liner is about to be installed. So, that’s the recap of our summer adventure and we will be returning soon to our laid back lives in tropical paradise.

Photos of the pool sent by Marie-Paul:

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