The Hurricane Train Rolls In

VIDEO ABOVE: Bay of Deshaies, the morning after Irma Passes Through.

Our first hurricane season on the island and, within a week’s time, two have already passed through and a third is on its way. Category 5 Irma spared Guadeloupe from major destruction by detouring just to the north, but sadly devastated neighboring islands. José missed us, but Maria is on her way and is expected to pass directly over Guadeloupe in about two days. We learned what it means to prepare for a hurricane.  Ten hanging lights were detached from the terrace, exterior furniture and potted plants were moved inside, provisions were purchased, the car was filled with gas, and the generator was checked.  Cranes came in to pull large boats out of the marina, businesses were closed and school was canceled. Bruno put his pick-up truck in our second garage and backed it up so that the door wasn’t blown in.  The same was done for our truck in the main garage.  Irma passed in the middle of the night, so we gathered up our pets and family and secured our storm shutters. Then, we tried to go to sleep. The wind and rain came…then went.  Our internet and electricity stayed in tact.  In the morning, people scattered about Ferry and Deshaies inspecting the damage.  No trees down at La Tramontane, but businesses on the beach in Deshaies were flooded and rocks were strewn onto the main street of Ferry. Some boats came off of their mooring balls in the Bay of Deshaies and crashed against the rocks. The day after the hurricane passed through, the normally peaceful and calm waters at our nearby beaches had waves large enough for surfing. Now, we will enjoy the calm before the storm…for at least another day or two.

Outdoor furniture and potted plants moved inside for the hurricane
Gwada beneath the eye of Irma

4 thoughts on “The Hurricane Train Rolls In

  1. Hello there! I have just read through your family’s amazing adventure in paradise 🙂 thank you for sharing with the world!

    We are planning/considering a move to Guadeloupe for the very near future, and would love to connect if you would be fine with chatting with us? My husband has been 3 times, we have a 3yr & 20mo old – very excited indeed! If you are interested, my email is below… many thanks in advance for your time & consideration 🙂

    Wishing you all a most wonderful day!


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