Work Continues at La Tramontane

Improvements at the lovely La Tramontane are progressing.  Construction of the swimming pool has begun and fencing is being installed along the property boundary. Rex is frustrated as he can no longer pop up to our neighbors, Fred and Nico, and beg for food on their veranda while they host five course meals for their vacationers...nor can [...]

Adapting to Every Day Life

Martha Stewart once said that “the more you adapt, the more interesting you are.” While quoting Martha Stewart seems strangely uncomfortable for reasons I care not to ponder, I still like the saying.  It makes me feel sort of interesting as I recognize that life isn’t always paradise in paradise, and your only real choice [...]

La Tramontane…the home that drew us to this island.

La Tramontane, which means a northern wind, is the name given to the home built by Louis and Odette.   At the entrance of the "domaine" is a hand painted sign by a French artist bearing the name. The land is an acre of lush tropical gardens and meandering paths lined with volcanic rock.  The terrain is [...]

Settling In

Conducting business in Guadeloupe takes time and patience, and ends up being quite pleasurable . . . assuming that you have time and patience.  A simple telephone call will not get your utilities set up and you can forget about typing your new address into a website while eating a doughnut in your PJs.  Instead, [...]

My Two Cents on Two Senses

Sensory input on the island has been at times fabulous and at other times challenging. Hearing, for example, has as much to do with the hum of crashing waves that soothe you to sleep during siesta time as it does with the disturbing wave of rooster crows that begin incessantly at about 4:00 am and [...]

Simple Truths of Island Life

After less than two weeks on the island, I have learned two important things. The first is that everyday is a bad hair day. The second is that everybody knows each other.  As for the bad hair, humidity is too formidable a foe and  I gave up the fight.  Bob (aka "Roh-behr"), on the other hand, decided to take a different path and [...]

En route to paradise…well, almost

On Monday, we loaded a 20' container with what was left of our material possessions after selling what we could on Craigslist and dropping the rest off at Goodwill. Today is the day of the big relocation and we are waiting in the airport because our flight to Point-à-Pitre returned to Miami after taking off [...]

The government declines to exercise its right of first of refusal and our loan offer arrives…albeit a bit late.

Getting a mortgage through a French bank has been interesting, but we absolutely could not have done it with our amazing Paris-based English speaking mortgage broker, Martin Heathcote, with France Home Finance. He is unbelievable! The bank requires the borrower to get a life insurance policy that pays off all or a portion of the [...]